Sore No More - The Sauce (8 oz)


Sore No More - The Sauce (8 oz)


Best Before: 2/2026


Sore No More The Sauce's horse liniment combined with Povidone Iodine for rain rot, scratches, skin fungus anywhere on the body and for thrush and abscesses of their feet.

The Sauce is the first Herbal Sugardine Dressing on the market. The farriers have resurrected the old time remedy; sugardine.  Sugardine is an old time remedy of mixing iodine and sugar to form a paste that is then applied to open wounds, abscesses, or resected hooves to reduce inflammation, infection, and healing time.  Simply add sugar to make a hoof packing for abscesses and thrush. This herbal dressing combined with sugar may be one the most effective sugardine combination yet.

Use it straight as a topical anti-bacterial, anti-fungal paint to be used on scratches, hooves prone to thrush, infection, or traumatized areas.   

The Sore No More The Sauce is:

  • For thrush, heat, infection or traumatized hoof tissue
  • When a highly effective germicide, bactericide, or fungicide is needed
  • For Abscesses, deep thrush, or when an infection needs to be drawn out (see Cooling Clay Poultice)


Benefit of  Sore No More The Sauce is

  • Soothing, non-selective germicide, bactericide, fungicide, and viricide
  • Paint on the soles of the feet for stone bruises or to toughen the soles
  • Mix with sugar (sugardine) to treat abscesses
  • Use for skin fungus issues too! 
  • For scratches and rain rot anywhere on the body
  • Accelerates granulation of tissue



Made In USA
此日期前最佳/ Best Before: 02/2021


  • Shake Well before use
  • To make Sugardine (watch the video); The mix should be about 2 part Sugar and 1 part The Sauce



Proprietary extract of witch hazel bark and leaves with the following common herbs: arnica (Arnica montana), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), lavender (Lavendula officinalis), lobelia (Lobelia inflata), and PVP-iodine (povidone iodine 1.99%)