I Don't Stink So​! (237ml/8oz)


I Don't Stink So​! (237ml/8oz)


Best Before:  2 years

I Don't Stink So! is a dog odors deodorize. 

It contains a blend of lavender, lime and mint essential Oils specifically for removing dog odors.

This is our answer to chemical Fabreze. I Don't Stink So! is a non-chemical blend that quickly, naturally and safely absorbs unpleasant pet odors and is a fresh and delightful treat for the senses.

Great for use on pet bedding, rugs, cars and anywhere they might park themselves.

We have actually sold this to car dealers who recondition cars for resale. This is not to be sprayed directly on pets, but just where they have left their odors behind.



  • Shake Well
  • Mist on fabrics, carpeting, bedding and in air or where your dogs have left their odors behind



  • Spring water, essential oils of lime, lavender and spearmint