Beef Meat Medley Freeze Dried Treats (85g/3oz)


Beef Meat Medley Freeze Dried Treats (85g/3oz)


Best Before:  11/2025

Beef Meat Medley made with single animal protein for your dogs and cats.  Freeze dried farm-fresh raw meat allows the meat to retain most of the vitamins and minerals.  This is a Superfood.  It contains beef liver, beef meat, and beef spleen. 

This treat gives your pet added nutrients from organ meats.  Beef liver is a superfood for your pet.  It is high in protein, fat, Vitamin A, copper, iron, B vitamins, Omega 6 fatty acids, and essential amino acids.  Beef spleen is nutritionally packed with iron, protein, and B vitamins.

  • No added hormones and antibiotics
  • Zero chemicals or artificial preservatives
  • Small batch made + sourced in the USA
  • 100% grain free
  • Single animal source
  • Human grade ingredients
  • Retain most of its nutrients
  • High bioavailability of nutrients
  • High in Vitamin A
  • Many great health benefits especially for eyes, liver, and immunity.

Feed your pet wholesome, healthy, clean food he will love. Fresh and freeze-dried with all of the nutrients dogs and cats need to live their best life!


Feeding Instructions

  • Feed as a healthy treat. Great for training!
  • Feed not more than 3% of total daily food



Beef liver, beef meat, and beef spleen