Chill-Out Calming Spray (236ml/8oz)


Chill-Out Calming Spray (236ml/8oz)


Best Before:  3 years

Chill Out (8oz) is a calming spray.  It is a vet recommended calming product

It can calm and quiet nervousness

A powerful blend of chamomile, lavender and sweet marjoram act to calm and quiet pet nervousness.

Number one seller for AromaDog and it is highly effective in taking the edge off of trying times.

The applications for this mist are never ending:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Travel anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • Sleeplessness or nighttime pacing
  • Thunderstorm anxiety
  • Destructive nervousness
  • Vet visits
  • Rescue animals

Mist the air thoroughly around the dog or on the pet bedding; stand back and watch nature work!



Shake Well and Spray around your pets and the aroma will help your pet to relax



Spring water, roman chamomile, lavender, marjoram, and other essential oils.


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I have been using your products for several years—always with excellent results! The Chill-Out is great for my two very young and lively English Setters-especially when they are ’home alone’”.

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I love to use while I’m at work are Chill-Out for the dogs ...These sprays really help to relax all of my nervous patients before they get their exam – and my clients swear that it also helps them to relax.  I use Chill-Out for my Dogue de Bordeaux, Margaux, during long car rides where she has a little bit of anxiety.  And it definitely relaxes my Chihuahua, Seaweed, during his thunderstorm phobia.  This would also be appropriate to use for dogs that have to deal with separation anxiety or other stressful situations.

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My dog freaks out over thunderstorms. She shakes, pants, digs, climbs on my bed and there is no calming her down. She shakes so hard that I worry she will have a heart attack. We have literally tried EVERYTHING! Then late one night I was up with her during a storm (she doesn't let me sleep when she is freaking out) and I was looking up more remedies. I came across Aroma Dog Chill Out Calming spray and ordered it, expecteding it to be another failed attempt but worth a shot. I can not explain the joy I felt when it worked! It works fast, and keeps her calm but still alert. She used to freak out at the smalles thunder. Now she is fine with mild thunderstorms and often sleeps right though them without any calming spray.