Chill-Out Spray (236ml/8oz)


Chill-Out Spray (236ml/8oz)


Best Before:  3 years

Chill Out (8oz) is a calming spray.  It is a vet recommended calming product

It can calm and quiet nervousness

A powerful blend of chamomile, lavender and sweet marjoram act to calm and quiet pet nervousness.

Number one seller for AromaDog and it is highly effective in taking the edge off of trying times.

The applications for this mist are never ending:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Travel anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • Sleeplessness or nighttime pacing
  • Thunderstorm anxiety
  • Destructive nervousness
  • Vet visits
  • Rescue animals

Mist the air thoroughly around the dog or on the pet bedding; stand back and watch nature work!



Shake Well and Spray around your pets and the aroma will help your pet to relax



Spring water, roman chamomile, lavender, marjoram, and other essential oils.