AromaDog Arf-ritis Pain Relief (1 oz)


AromaDog Arf-ritis Pain Relief (1 oz)


Arf-ritis Pain Relief is a vet recommended, all-natural pain reliever that helps your dog feel better.  It is a serious treatment for joint and muscle stiffness caused by arthritis and arthritic-type diseases.

A therapeutic blend of essential oils powerfully combine to create a special treatment.  Rosemary and ginger increase the circulation to the area, while juniper acts as a detoxifier.  Lavender and birch calm and help relieve pain.
These oils are blended in carriers of arnica, which increases circulation and may relieve rheumatic pain.  Finally, jojoba , a natural anti-inflammatory, is added.

This is one product that takes a little time, but you will soon see improvement.  A little goes a long way and your dog will love the message they get with the treatment.  Like the turtle____ slow and steady!


  • Shake well.
  • Parting fur with hand massage blend directly to the affected area.
  • Use as needed but not more than 3 times daily.



  • Rosemary
  • Junpier
  • Ginger
  • Lavender
  • Birch
  • Other essential oils
  • In a base of Jojoba and Arnica Infusion

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Massaged with Arf-ritis Pain Relief for 10 min, my dog zonked-out ~ Thank you! Yes, he calmed down shortly after I started massaging. I tried five minutes each side (left & right). His eyes closed & slept so tightly after 10 minutes that I don’t even want to get myself off the couch and wake him! Thanks Vego for introducing this product to us. Hope he can walk around more comfortably soon."

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"我用 #關節炎止痛香薰油 响我大年紀啲迷你史納莎身上, 佢患有嚴重關節炎。每晚睡前我都用佢黎按摩佢幫佢減輕疼楚,用左後我發現佢瞓得好好多。佢亦好鐘意呢個油啲香味,當我將油嘀響我啲手佢已經好想嗅。佢好鐘意呢隻油而且對佢好有效。"


Best Before2 years
Made InUSA