AromaCat Immewnity Chest (118ml/4oz)


AromaCat Immewnity Chest (118ml/4oz)


Best Before: 2 years

AromaCat Immewnity Chest is an all natural, vet recommended breathing aid to make your cat more comfortable.  It features a powerful blend of hydrosols that open breathing passagers, fight germs, and boosts the immune system.  Active ingredients include hydrosols of Eucalyptus, Melissa and Lavender.  It is a valuable blend for the wheezing cat, and increases their general well being as it purifies the air in their environment.


  • Use topically not orally
  • Shake Well before Use.
  • Mist air surrounding your pet allowing to breath in.
  • Apply every 3 hours until cough subsides.



Eucalyptus, Melissa, Black Spruce and other hydrosols