Our Commitment to YOU

We will always be there and do our best to help you keep your companion animals healthy and happy...holistically


Our Beginnings

We always believed in using chemical free products on our animals as these products help to maintain the long term well being of our animals.  For our pet, we have have a holistic approach and we only been using chemical free products from USA and Canada directly.  As we talked to more people, we understood many were keen to use natural products and holistic care approach on their pets but those products were not available here, so we started brining in products to Asia that focuses on the long term well being of pets and that was how we started and Holistic Horse Care (HHC) in June 2010 and Holistic Pet Help (HPH) in May 2012.


Our Beliefs and Passion

At HPH, we care about your pet well being because we are animal lovers too.  Our horses, dogs, birds, and cats have always been treated like family members. As our pets got older, their natural health levels decreased.  Noticing this, we started to look into ways to improve their vitality and quality of life.  Our products are made from safe, human grade natural ingredients that have been specially formulated to maintain the long-term well-being of cherished pets. We offer products that help you to keep your pets healthy and happy.  When creating the HPH catalog, we make sure that the products are those that we would use with our own animals … we would have it no other way!  Our products are made with natural, safe ingredients.


Our Credentials

Chinese & Western Medicine Focus

  • Small Animal Food Therapy
  • Small Animal Meridian Theory
  • Small Animal Five Element Theory
  • Small Animal Acupoint Classification
  • Small Animal Energetics and Landmark Anatomy
  • Small Animal Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Western Medicine Focus

  • Functional Anatomy course
  • Natural Animal Nutrition course
  • Introduction to Classic Homeopathy for Companion Animals course
  • Level 1 Training - An Introduction to Equi-Taping™ Methods and Strategies Test
  • The Treatment of Acute Conditions with Classical Homeopathy for Companion Animals Part I
  • The Treatment of Acute Conditions with Classical Homeopathy for Companion Animals Part II


Our Brands