hPETh RELAX OK (30ml/1oz)


hPETh RELAX OK (30ml/1oz)


Best Before: 3 years

RELAX OK is an amazing flower therapy and there are so many ways you can use it to help your pets.


  • is great for helping to reduce fear of loud noises and stressful situations. 
  • slows the onset of panic, lessens most fearful reactions and quickly clams down your pet. 
  • is excellent for fear of thunder. 
  • relieves your pets from stress caused by renovation next door.
  • can help your pets to relax and sleep better.

RELAX OK is good for: Panic Attacks - Anxiety - Hysteria - Stress - Agitation - Nervousness - Insomnia - Fear - Over Reacting

Flower Therapies modify pet behaviours without changing their personality or making them dull.  They are gentle, free of side effects and can be freely combined. 



  • Shake bottle well before using
  • For best results, administer directly by mouth, in drinking water or by rubbing on paws, ears and soft skin.
  • Use in your animal's daily care program (1 to 3 times daily), or use as a training adjunct (30 min to 1 hour prior).
  • Orally:  Rinse dropper thoroughly if it contacts the mouth
    Cats and small animals (under 10lbs) : 4 drops per use.
    Dogs and medium animals (10 to 50lbs): 5 to 10 drops per use.
    Horses and large animals (over 50lbs): 11 to 15 drops per use.
  • Water: Add directly to animal's water, double the recommended amount for oral usage, change water daily.
  • Spray: Add 15 drops to 8oz. distilled, purified or spring water. Spray directly into air in the direction of your pet’s mouth, nose and ears as well as their paws, hooves or feet.
  • Topical: Apply recommended number of drops topically to your pet’s paws(top not the bottom), ears (back) or any soft skinned areas for absorption



A special blend of flower essences infused in spring water and pure vinegar