hPETh BE GOOD (30ml/1oz)


hPETh BE GOOD (30ml/1oz)


Best Before: 3 years

BE GOOD is for dealing with destructive or disruptive behaviour to property.  


  • reduces issues of marking by helping pets to feel that they are safe. 
  • reduces destructive behaviour such as chewing of household items or urinating on furniture.
  • reduces demanding of exclusive attention
  • reduces constant barking or crying.
  • addresses frustration, loneliness, jealousy, over-protectiveness, boredom, and feeling victimized.

BE GOOD is good for: Marking - Territoriality - Spotting - destruction to property.

Flower Therapies modify pet behaviours without changing their personality or making them dull.  They are gentle, free of side effects and can be freely combined. 



  • Shake bottle well before using
  • For best results, administer directly by mouth, in drinking water or by rubbing on paws, ears and soft skin.
  • Use in your animal's daily care program (1 to 3 times daily), or use as a training adjunct (30 min to 1 hour prior).
  • Orally:  Rinse dropper thoroughly if it contacts the mouth
    Cats and small animals (under 10lbs) : 4 drops per use.
    Dogs and medium animals (10 to 50lbs): 5 to 10 drops per use.
    Horses and large animals (over 50lbs): 11 to 15 drops per use.
  • Water: Add directly to animal's water, double the recommended amount for oral usage, change water daily.
  • Spray: Add 15 drops to 236ml/8oz. distilled, purified or spring water. Spray directly into air in the direction of your pet’s mouth, nose and ears as well as their paws, hooves or feet.
  • Topical: Apply recommended number of drops topically to your pet’s paws(top not the bottom), ears (back) or any soft skinned areas for absorption



A special blend of flower essences infused in spring water and pure vinegar