AromaCat Peppermint Catty's Purrly White (4 oz)

AromaCat Peppermint Catty's Purrly White (4 oz)

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AromaCat Peppermint Catty's Purrly White is a vet recommended and natural tooth and gum cleaner.  It helps you keep your cat's teeth and gums healthy with the antibacterial and cleansing action of Peppermint.  Other ingredients include Lavender and Helichrysum hydrosols, which stimulate, tingle and reduces inflammation of the gums.  The hydrosols also stimulate circulation and detoxify, leaving the mouth feeling fresh and clean.  Pop-up brush & massager included.



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  • Shake well
  • Open bottle and brush will float up automatically
  • Massage and brush gum and teeth making sure to reach the back
  • Rinse brush after each use 
  • DO NOT leave brush in bottle



Peppermint, Lavender and Helichrysum hydrosols